Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Transdermal Zoloft Patch, PLEASE!

Every now and then I have a day that sets me back. For no reason I feel less able to cope. My normal little bumps in life make me cry and I feel trapped in some way by my emotions.

To be accurate I can't say "for no reason", the reason is Post Partum Depression. I've been dealing with this since the birth of Little Dog in Feb 06. After being miserable for about 3 months, I finally took the plunge and started taking Zoloft. The difference was amazing. I felt like myself again, I was able to enjoy the boys instead of fearing that my own shortcomings as a mother were going to scar them for life. I no longer cried on a daily basis out of the blue. I felt human again.

Since then I've been taking Zoloft consistently. I've had to up the dose once, and in general have had very positive results. The biggest problem is that I have a bad habit of letting my life get in the way of my health. When things get busy, when I am stressed, when I probably need the Zoloft the most, I forget to take my pills.

I've tried the classic techniques of putting them by the coffee maker, putting them by my toothbrush, carrying them in my purse and for one reason or another it just never works out. In fact, my latest accomplishment is that I have managed to completely lose a whole bottle of my magic pills.

Today I'm fighting a cloud. I need to get to the pharmacy to replace the missing prescription, but things are conspiring against me once again. I swear, the drug companies could make a mint if they would just manufacture a Zoloft transdermal patch. I'd pay extra just to know I wouldn't have days like this because I forgot to take my pill.

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mark said...

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