Thursday, July 24, 2008

The most annoying thing...

You want to know what the most annoying thing is the world is?

It's more annoying than those subscription inserts in all of my magazines.
It's more annoying than my kids handing me every scrap of trash and half eaten food rather than put it in the trash can.
It's more annoying than Death Cab For Cutie's "I Will Posses Your Heart" (yeah, I'm stuck on that one right now, but it really, really sucks)
It's more annoying than Planned Parenthood's 40 zillion different offshoots all calling me for donations within a month of each other. (yes, I donated, I will donate again, just not right this very second.)
It's more annoying than Twitter's growing pains.
It's more annoying than being addicted to comments on your blog, but no one leaves them. (hint, hint)
It's more annoying than people who park their shopping carts smack dab in the middle of the aisle at the supermarket.
It's more annoying that Max and Ruby.
It's more annoying than the extremely slow progress on the new sidewalk on along the side of my house that means ongoing loud noises and traffic issues.
It's more annoying than Tyra Banks on America's Next Top Model (yes, really and still I watch)
It's more annoying than the insane over use of the term "Diva". (this may just be annoying to me, but I'm listing it)
It's more annoying than being unable to use the bathroom solo for the past, let's say 5 years.
It's more annoying than my toddler's constant need to strip off his diaper.
It's more annoying than my Great Dane's passion for shredding discarded diapers.
It's more annoying than being required to have a million passwords for all of my online activities and not being able to keep them straight.

Want to know what it is?
Losing the fucking Tivo remote.


Oleoptene said...

Feel your pain, we have trained the children to press the little buttons on the Tivo unit itself and thus act as our personal remote, figuring that they're probably the ones who lost the stupid remote in the first place (and is this the first time I've commented? How embarrassing, I am a fan.)

followthatdog said...

I think it is your first comment! Thanks! I'm ordering a replacement remote, but damn, you can't just get one at Best Buy like I had hoped.

Unknown said...

I am tempted to install RFID on that damn remote. We lose ours all the time.

Mrs. F said...

*gasp* *sigh* I want TiVo.

I haven't seen my DVD remote for about 5 months. Lost the TV remote for a few hours this morning. It is pretty dang annoying. (So is Diva!!)

Ashley said...

You're so right, losing the DVR remote would be the most annoying thing in my world too. And I agree with you about so many of those! Great blog! I found you on Seattle Mom Blogs

Sarah Vasquez said...

I actually adore Death Cab's new album... including "I Will Posses Your Heart" :P

And as soon as you get your new remote, the old one will turn up. Probably in one of the places you already looked a million and one times.

Anonymous said...

OhHaiIzDatJu?i! I'll trade you my DIVA for your diaper eating doggie. The comments thing, no excuse, I have been lazy. And my ass hurts all the time again. Mainly, I'm lazy. Kthxbai.

Princess New York said...


Yes on Twitter! I may join my friend in boycotting.

Yes on Tyra Fivehead!

chihuahua5 said...

losing the tivo remote would have resulted in the scene in Ferris Bueler's Day Off when Ferris advises Cameron the odometer reads like 300 miles and he just screams and goes catatonic. Mr. Dog, PLEASE GET HER ANOTHER REMOTE!!!

Kaza said...

I just favorited this post and will (eventually) include it in a best of list on the blog, when I finally get time to make one! AWESOME post. I SO agree on all of this list.

Marla said...

these are so right on! i can't stand it when my kids hand me trash... now the joke is that I'm a trash can...

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