Thursday, July 24, 2008

Badge of Dishonor

Last night after searching the living room, guest room, play room and guest bathroom for the missing Tivo remote I collapsed into a comfortable chair to pout. Maybe I didn’t handle the loss of my most beloved tool well. I may have let loose with a bit of salty language. I may have had a bit of a woe is me tantrum while emptying the overfull trashcan in the playroom (why I did that while searching for the remote remains a mystery) And yes, I may have asked the children to pick up their toys. Fine, I may have made that last request in a slightly high pitched and whiney seriously-where-is-the-damn-remote-Project-Runway-is-just-waiting-to-be-
watched-and-I-can’t-really-be-expected-to-watch-commercials-can-I? voice. I mean sure, I was pushing the edge, but let you remind you the gravity of my situation…the Tivo remote was missing!

So when Big Dog comes over to stick a sticker on my chest, and says “That’s for being a bad mommy” I have to admit I was a little stunned.
“Bad mommy? What? I think I’m a pretty good mommy!”
He looked me over, went back to his sticker book and added a second sticker to my shirt.
“This means you can apply to be a good mommy.”
“Apply? I have to apply?” I ask, stunned by this news.
“You have to not say bad things and make breakfast every time when it is breakfast time”
“Great. Just great.”
When I look over Mr. Dog is trying, but not doing such a great job, to conceal his huge freakin’ grin and chuckles. When I glare, he pleads “But it is kind of funny.”
Fine, it is funny. But I still don’t have my damn remote.


Mrs. F said...

Haha. An application process. So, how did that go? Are you a good Mom yet?

Hehehe. Your kids are hella cute!

chihuahua5 said...

dude, you NEVER have to apply in my book. you totally are a good mom...dude you make super huge yummy chocolate chip cookies, yummy cocktails/mocktails and super yummy dinners!!!

d_evans said...

Oh that's funny stuff. How did the application go?

Kaza said...

WHAT??? You LOST your Tivo remote? Well then. All of your behavior is perfectly rational. Someday your kids will realize this. (And Big Dog will realize that he was lucky to have survived his ill-fated attempt to distract you from your well-deserved tantrum!) I DO hope you've found it. ;)

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. My oldest told me the other day that she was "Not Happy AT Me" I think that makes perfect sense and I felt like a big loser.

BoneFolder said...

We keep an Emergency Backup Tivo 'Mote ($20-something on eBay) for just such an emergency. I'm trying to switch to a Harmony remote but it's not reliable enough and when it messes up it's incredibly tedious getting it back on track. My wife just wants the Peanut, and she'll turn the rest on by herself...

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