Saturday, September 15, 2007

Peace on Earth for $18.95 (plus tax)

Weekends at the Dog house are often filled with heated property wars. One small hand prying a chosen toy out of an even smaller hand. Shouts of "MINE" followed by shouts of "NO" followed by physical attacks and crying or screaming. Ah, the golden days!

And yet, as I sit here writing this, I'm watching my two boys play calmly on the floor with a selection of overpriced wooden Thomas the Tank Engine trains. How have I managed to create this blissful peace in my home? I bought Little Dog a train of his own. Little Dog is now the proud owner of Henry, the big green engine. I let Big Dog help pick it out, and made a big show of "both of my boys getting a brand new train!" Had I known that was all it would take, I would have shelled out the cash long ago.

Oh, wait, it's over. They're back to killing each other. In fact, Little Dog just used his new train to bash Big Dog in the head. Well, back to the drawing board.

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