Thursday, October 18, 2007

And you call those decorations???

Halloween is near and this year, since we officially have a front door, we have some space for Halloween decorations.

A couple of days ago I told NE that she and Little Dog could decorate the area near the door for Halloween. They could put up just about anything they want, but I'd prefer no spiders since even the fake ones freak me out.

The next day I came home to find a Halloween display complete with snakes, rats, skeletons and lots of spider web. It was spooky and NE said they had a great time putting it together.

This morning on my way to work, Big Dog stopped and looked at the display and waved his hand dismissively "What's all that?" he asked.
"Decorations for Halloween!" I explained.
"What the hair?" he asked, indicating the fake spider web.
"That's supposed to be spider webs," I explained
"But there are no spiders," he said finding fault with the design
"No, there are no spiders. Mommy is afraid of spiders."
He looked at me with a look in his eye somewhere between distain and pitty
"You aren't afraid of pretend spiders." he said, then headed off to the car. I guess he had said enough on that topic. I was being silly in his mind, and he had put me straight.
Bossy little man I have there.

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