Friday, November 16, 2007

Getting back on my game....and my meds

A few weeks ago I realized that it had been a while since I had remembered to take my daily Zoloft. Quite a while in fact. I got my email notice from the pharmacy that I could come pick up my prescription, and I was surprised because my current bottle was nearly full. I thought about it a bit, and I was doing fine. Really, no unpredictable moods swings, no anxious nights, no tears at the drop of a hat, so I figured I'd just stay off them.
Unfortunately things don't always stay the same. In the past week, I have had more sadness than I have in a long time. Between losing Mao, and learning that I had long ago lost Terry, I've been slowly washing out to sea again. Mr. Dog has suggested I take my pills to help even out a bit. At first I resisted, I don't like the idea of being medicated. I don't like the idea that I can't handle my own grief, but in the end I relented. He was right. I don't know how long I'll continue with the Zoloft, but I think I need it right now.

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