Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Life with Rocket Boy!

Big dog has a minor obsession. His PJs have to match. I can't casually dress him in a pair of shark pants and a top littered with dinosaurs. That would never do. In fact, now when it comes time to put him in his jammies, he always asks "Matching, right mommy?"

Three nights ago, I pulled out a pair of pjs that are getting to be a bit on the small side, but still work. The pants are a deep blue with a rockets and stars pattern and the shirt is bright blue with a big single rocket and the word "ROCKET!" just in case the artist's rendering was somehow unclear to you. After confirming they were a matching set, big dog allowed me to dress him, and suddenly, he became "Rocket Boy!"

Big dog got up and jumped on his bed proclaiming "I have a new suit! Rocket Boy is here!" and demanding that I produce some "Rocket socks to help me fly!" After finding socks, I was dubbed "Rocket Mama" , little dog was dubbed "Rocket Little Dog" and Mr. Dog became "Rocket Poppa".

I don't know what the Rocket family is supposed to do, but it appears much of it involves a 4 year old jumping on his bed with his fists planted on his hips Superman-style announcing he is "Rocket Boy".

We have revisited this scene each night for the past three nights. Now I wonder what will happen when the Rocket Jammies are finally put in the laundry pile and he is forced to wear the "suit" of a lesser super hero, like "Monkies on Surfboards Boy!"

I'll keep you posted.

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