Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy birthday to ME!

Today is the 36th anniversary of my birth. Wow. I was just getting used to 35, now this. For some reason 36 sounds OLD.

It has been a pretty strange year, good in some ways, hard in others. My job is going great, I've had many new opportunities and a lot of new challenges but seem to be pulling it all off. My family is amazing, I have my boys and the best husband a woman could ever ask for (even if he shuns haircuts and shaving for long stretches), but I lost my Mao and found that I had lost Terry before I ever managed to find him again. I'm getting better at the two kid thing, partly aided by the fact that Little Dog is growing so fast, he is capable of doing so much more and letting me know what he needs, even if he thinks he needs everything, and needs it all right now. And partly aided by the fact that Big Dog is becoming his own boy, still needing us so much at some times, but at other times insisting that he do it all himself.

We've made real strides in getting the house going forward. A foundation wall has been partly poured and a second segment is excavated. We took over the upper unit on the house and finally got some room to stretch out. Our second bathroom, play room and guest room have been welcome additions as is the boys' own bedroom, although Big Dog has yet to take to it fully.

I'm excited about the upcoming year, but it is starting to feel real, that I am a full grown adult. I won't wake up one day feeling like a grown up, I'll most likely keep muddling on feeling like an overgrown kid who is fooling everyone around her into thinking she is a grown up. I'll probably feel that way right until I drop into my grave (hopefully a very old woman with grown children and grandkids of my own) wondering how the hell I pulled it off this long without being found out.

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