Friday, February 1, 2008

If I Could Talk to the Animals

We have dogs, and our dogs are a big part of our lives. The kids have been nearly peers with the dogs since they were born. At times, the kids have told me they were dogs as they crawled around on the floor barking at me. So it came as no surprise to hear Little Dog talking to Nikita this morning.

She had taken up her normal post on the guest room bed and he had crawled up next to her and was having a little chat.
"luv ooo Kita," he said, "nice gog Kita"
It was cute, there he was telling our big sweet pit bull what a lovely pet she was.
"nice Kita," a pause "yick ya bum! YICK YA BUM! Come on!"

I looked at NE and asked "Did he just say 'Lick your bum?'"
She cracked up and nodded. "That's what I heard," she confirmed.

"Yick ya bum! Come on! Yick ya bum!" he continued to prompt. When I went in to see what was going on, Nikita was laying on the bed peacefully ignoring the wild thing shouting at her to "YICK YA BUM!" and he was grinning ear to ear. Probably not the kind of thing Dr. Doolittle would have focused on, but there I never claimed my kids were traditionalists.

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