Saturday, February 9, 2008

Look at Him Grow!

Happy birthday Little Dog. Today you turn two. Amazing.
You are such a ray of sunshine in my life, occasionally grouchy opinionated sunshine, but sunshine none the less. Your exuberance and outlaw spirit make your smile and lust for adventure completely contagious. Your morning hugs with the sweet back patting, and your kisses and snuggles are addictive.

In the past two years you have developed your own personality, your own style and even your own little fan club. I know your "girlfriends" at Red Mill and NE would agree. Your fearlessness shakes me at times, but I try not to stand in your way too often. I love the way you try to emulate Big Dog, and although he acts annoyed by your presence at times, I know he loves it too. It is especially apparent when he calls to you to play and asks for you first thing in the morning. I see the pride in his face when he takes time to introduce you to EVERYONE as his "baby brother". Watching you run away from Papa's kitchen tongs this morning with your partner in crime reassures me that sibling issues you may have are easily offset by the companionship you share.

Your verbal skills astound me. You routinely string seven words into sentences that make your wants, needs and flat out demands clear to anyone willing to listen. "I want it, some kisses" or "I don't want it, diaper" even "Go away" or "Pick you up" are hard to misunderstand.
At such a young age, you have already managed to develop a fantastic sense of humor. You excel at funny voices, goofy facial expressions and just hamming it up when you know we are looking.

I'm also amazed by how physical you are. For a toddler, you are coordinated and have such a strong sense of balance. Your dad told me you were standing on a wheeley bug the other day, just to jump off. I couldn't manage that as an adult, and here you are as a toddler balancing with no effort. In addition to the crazy boy stuff, you also are a natural dancer. Any song can get you moving. I love the way you imitate the Backyardigans and dance along with anyone willing to cut the rug with you.

Baby, I love you. Every inch of you. Every marker obsessed and covered inch of you. And today as you gain another year, I am only a little sad to know you aren't really a baby anymore. You are quickly becoming a little boy. I look forward to standing back and watching my little whirlwind grow.

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