Monday, February 4, 2008

My Life Just Got Easier

I am taking time here to declare my undying love for Today, they announced they would be offering Amazon Fresh, their grocery delivery service, to my office.
AND, if I order by noon, they'll deliver it the next day by 4 pm.
AND, they will have it ready for pick up right outside of the parking garage from 4-8 pm.
AND, there will be nice people there to pack it into my car for me so all I have to do it pop the back of my wagon, they'll do the lifting and carrying.
AND, I checked it out online and the prices are the same or less for the same products I buy at my local store.
AND, they have a big selection of organic produce and other products.
AND, did I mention there is no delivery charge?
Woo Hoo! I can be a monumental lazy ass and still have fresh groceries!

A BIG FAT SMOOCH for Amazon!

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