Sunday, March 23, 2008

Discovering Peeps.

I don't like to eat them, but I must admit there is a certain allure to these odd little marshmallow chicks. I included them in the boys' baskets today. At a pre St. Patrick's party, Big Dog was given his first taste of marshmallows. Let's just say a gummy sugary blob and a 4 year old boy is a match made in heaven. When I saw them at the store, I just had to have them.
Upon discovering them in his basket, Big Dog asked "What is this mama?"
"Oh, those are Peeps!"
He looked them over carefully. "Peeps? Do you eat them?"
"Yes, they're marshmallow!" I said enthusastically.
"Ooooh! Marshmallow! I'm going to bite its head!" and Big Dog was off and chomping.
After a bit, Little Dog saw the Peeps and Big Dog helped him find his own little row of edible yellow chicks.
Some more time passed and Little Dog called to me "Mama! I a clown!"
And when I looked up, my precious angel had a half-bitten Peep stuck to his nose.
I think I love these things for a whole new reason. Sadly I had no camera handy.

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