Monday, March 17, 2008

Raising an Evil Genius

I think Little Dog may already have a career goal. I suspect he is aiming to be an Evil Genius. I have no idea what the future job market looks like for people in the Malevolent Misdeed business, but he seems to be attempting to head into that field.

At this point, nothing he does is really bad, and because he is equipped with angelic blue eyes with a long fringe of lashes and a set of adorably chubby cheeks his naughtiness presents a contradiction between doer and deed that is usually quite funny. Unfortunately by laughing at his impishness seems to encourage it as much as I do try to hide my un-motherly chuckles.

But how can I hide my pleasure when my tyke tents his fingers and says "Brilliant! Bwahahahaha!" throwing his head back as though taking devilish pride in his plans. I can't. In fact, we ask him to do it on cue.

And last night, when he sweetly requested "a taste" of my dinner repeatedly until my plate was empty then tossed his head back as he clasped his hands together and declared "Mine ALL mine! Ah hahahaha!" I must admit I took a little pride in his perfect application of his borrowed line (from Backyardigans) to his own life. My laughter was doubled when he then started in with a repeat performance while conning his dad out of his meal.

I think he knows he has a wicked streak. He likes it when I call him a piss ant, he even declares he is one at times. He also rebuffs my attempts to tell him he is cute by insisting "I not cute. I BAD." Where he has ever been called bad is beyond me since he has charmed us all from the moment he was born.

Despite all, I am not worried. Here is the truth, I think it is more of an inclination toward hamming it up. He loves the attention he gets as I struggle not to laugh out loud. While he my not actually go on to rule an evil empire, I know he will continue ruling my heart with his devilishness for years to come.


Anonymous said...

I knew there was a reason I loved that kid. give him a high five for me.

followthatdog said...

I'll let him know you approve.

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