Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The name game

Big Dog is on a Blue's Clues kick. I can't say I understand it. Between the soft-spoken presenters who appear to be on quaaludes trying to track down clues from their smarty pants dog and the talking salt shakers I sometimes fear I'm having a bad acid flashback. But that's a whole different conversation.

So in his Blue's Clues craze, he has been tracking down clues and making pretend drawings in his "handy dandy notebook" which is actually a cloth baby book with a plastic spiral binding. He goes around the house identifying clues. "Mommy, what is Blue trying to make with a bathtub, a slipper and a car?" or "Look, a clue! let me write it in my handy dandy notebook. See, a toothbrush!"

At some point in the evening, Mr Dog was helping Big Dog brush his teeth and Big Dog as not being fully compliant. "Hold still or you're going to get in trouble" said Mr. Dog.
"Steve NEVER gets in trouble" Big Dog replied smugly.
"Steve? Well, Big Dog does"
"But I'm Steve"
"Oh, are you Bob?"
"No, I'm Steve"
"I think you're Bob" Mr. Dog persisted, not quite getting the Blue's Clues angle.

When it came time to be tucked in, Mr. Dog, having been schooled in the basics of clue seeking barbiturate users, sweetly says "Goodnight Steve."
and Big Dog replies "Good Night Bob!"

Ok, maybe you had to be there.

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