Monday, April 28, 2008

A Pox upon our house!

Well it is confirmed, stay the hell away from the Dog house if you don't want to get the chicken pox, cause we're soaking in them. Mild exaggeration. Big Dog has a light smattering of them, Little Dog has just a couple. But still, I live for the drama.
I took Big Dog to the pediatrician (a short aside, it took me years to not say I was taking him to the vet, comes with owning high need dogs I guess) to have it confirmed. I almost apologetically showed the few and very small spots on his torso. Once I was actually in the office I was certain I was being overprotective and rushing him to the pediatrician (oops, almost typed "vet", I'm regressing) for what was going to end up being a reaction to his shampoo or something equally preventable and benign. She looked him over, asked a few questions, did a second pass to carefully look him over and nope, I was right. The doctor backs me up on this matter. I am a diagnostic genius!
Both boys got their varicella vaccinations right on schedule, even then I knew it wasn't 100% effective. (According to pediatrician du jour, it is about 85% effective) The plus side is that if they do go ahead and get chicken pox after being vaccinated, like some kind of viral over achievers, they will have a much milder version. And that is where we are today. Mildly infested with chicken pox. Calamine lotion anyone?


Anonymous said...

I hope the Dog Boys recover quickly!

Mrs. F said...

When my best friends son stood up for the first time in his crib she informed me that he is now "standing on his hind legs". Hehe. Your vet thing reminded me of that, LOL.

Hope you all recover fast. Chicken pox sucked when I was a kid. Lucky your guys have a milder version of it.


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