Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thank you readers!

The Other Mother suggested today be designated as "Reader Appreciation Day" and I heartily concur. As much as I started this blog for me, I have to admit, I am now selfishly addicted to your comments. I must also admit, when I write now, I give it a little more thought and I've made a real effort to post as frequently as I have something to smart off about.

When my kids look back at this blog in years to come, and shudder with embarrassment about the things I have posted on the web for the amusement of absolute strangers, I know I will feel a little warm and fuzzy inside, knowing that I have surpassed the traditional confines of a mother who can only embarrass locally. And I thank you for that.


Mrs. F said...

After all, embarrassing our children globally should be what it is all about!

Wish I woulda read this earlier. I am too tired to post again today...*snort at my lame excuse*

BoneFolder said...

Indeed it's tough not to love the "blog locally, embarrass globally" aspect of today's internet culture. But I don't think you're taking it far enough.

For example, I have a secret MySpace account whose sole purpose is to be Brontë's friend. I view the opportunity to snoop on her semi-private conversations as merely being a good parent. I view the potential to post on her site as her father as the ultimate in embarrassment potential -- the parental nuclear option. I'm just waiting for her to give me an in.

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