Monday, April 7, 2008

While one boy is a punk in training...

Big Dog has fully embraced his inner punk. With the mohawk, the Docs and his love of rockin' out, he's well on the road to becoming a punk rocker in his own right.
So while one child is a punk in training, it seems the other is gearing up to be the next Mary Kate Olsen. Not the billionaire child-star aspect of her life, that I could totally get behind, well, at least the billionaire part. He seems to be taking on her bag lady/hobo/fashionista fashion sense. Who knows, maybe he'll stumble onto the next big fashion trend. And if he does, there is a good chance he'll do that stumbling in a pair of his mama's shoes, wearing a soap dish "hat".

Special thanks to NE for these outstanding photos! We adore you.

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