Wednesday, May 7, 2008

That's it, I'm done

I'm taking a day off. A day off from being a grown up. It is too much work with too little pay off. I'm tired of being responsible and driving the decisions at home and at work. I'm just plain wiped out.

Tomorrow I'm going make someone else roust me out of bed. Then, I'll drag my feet when it is time to get dressed, refuse to brush my hair and maybe, instead of getting dressed at all, I'll throw a towel around my shoulders like a cape, right over my jammies! I'm going to go straight to dessert when it is time for lunch and hide the veggies under my sandwich crusts.

I'm not going to clean up after myself, and I'm going to talk back. If someone makes me do something I don't like, I'll stick out my tongue when they aren't looking. I may even call them a poopy head. Instead of my normal meetings I'm going to find a tumbling class. I won't finish my status report, I'll make playdoh snakes. And I'm going to fingerpaint with absolutely no regard for my clothing!

I'm going to run down the aisles in the supermarket and play hopscotch instead of taking out the trash. If someone farts, I'm going to laugh and point it out to anyone who will listen. I'm going to splash in the tub, demand lots of bubbles and tons of bath toys. Then I'll stay in until my fingers and toes are wrinkled and pruney.

And then, just before 7:00, I'll go back to being a grown up. Because that's the only way you are really allowed to decide to eat nothing but ice cream for dinner.


super des said...

Count me in too. I'm not going to do that "paying bills" thing either. Instead, I will play dress up.

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun :)

Mrs. F said...

Plus if you are a grown up at 7:00 then you get to stay up late, too!

What a great post.

Sarah Vasquez said...


Tough day?

(Oh, and you forgot that you are going to get into everything that is forbidden and doesn't belong to you, that you are going to color on EVERYTHING, and that you are going to feed the dogs all their treats in one sitting.)

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