Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An apple a day? No thanks.

I hate going to the doctor, I always have. Part of it comes from having a string of cranky, smugly superior doctors as a kid. Luckily Big Dog does not have that problem. As long as he gets to reassure the doctor "No shots!" right up front, he's pretty happy to go chat with the doctors. Part of that is the lollipop and sticker he gets at the end of the visit. Part of it is the fact that the pediatricians at this practice are freaking amazing. Not a bad one in the lot.

Since he has been old enough to more fully participate in the exchange of information, he's been chatting about symptoms and treatment options. Well, as soon as he gets the "no shots" assurance that is. And the doctors have been fantastic, they really work to make him comfortable and even though he is only 4, they want him to understand, as much as he can at his age, about what they are doing and why. All in all, it makes the visit not at all intimidating, and since Big Dog is so social, it is something he kind of gets into.

Today Big Dog woke up with a sore knee. So sore he couldn't walk on it. Being the overprotective and well insured mother I am, I made an appointment. I'm medically hyperactive like that. So late this morning, we headed off for a visit with his medical buddies. We've been seeing one doctor in particular a lot lately and I really like her. She talks to the children directly, she is friendly and animated and does a lot to put both child and parent at ease. Big Dog adores her.

Right away she helped him feel comfortable. Instead of asking about his reason for the visit, she asked about what decorations he had on his Crocs. (A lady bug) After the brief setting in chat, she asked all of the proper questions about his knee, and Big Dog filled her in on the details. He woke up and it hurt. Maybe there were bugs in there biting him. He couldn't walk on it when he got out of bed, but he could now. He had a dream about fire last night, maybe some of that fire is in his knee, he wasn't sure, but he offered that as a possibility. She listened, reassured him that there were no bugs or fire in his joint, then she examined him. After thoroughly evaluating him, she said it was likely that he had just overdone it the night before. Big Dog had told her about running around and jumping off of the bed and such, so that might have done it. Or maybe he had his leg twisted in his sleep and it was a little strained from that. In any event it was no big deal. He should take it easy, but if he felt up to running or jumping or climbing, that was all OK.

After answering all of the nervous mother questions, she looked at Big Dog and asked, "Do you have any questions?"
Big Dog nodded, the paused, thinking hard about his question. After a moment he asked, "What's your favorite color?"
"Oooh, good question. I think it changes. Right now it is a bright red. What's your favorite color?" she replied.
"Today it is blue!" Big Dog said as though offering his opinion on a weighty medical matter.
"Oh, that's a really good color. Blue, like your Crocs."
"Yes, like my Crocs." And with that, Big Dog decided we had conversed enough, it was time to go get his lollipop.

As we headed out of the office Big Dog looked up at me and said with total sincerity, "That was fun!" Well maybe we have different definitions of fun, but I can confidently say it wasn't at all painful. Thanks Dr. M!

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