Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shocked! Stunned! Flabbergasted!

and all those other things that you feel when your expectation based on ample personal experience is not met. For example, when you decide to change your child from one school to a new school. Especially when you took this child to the school tour and he spent the entire tour crying and begging to leave. Yeah, exactly like that.

So imagine my surprise when I took Big Dog to his new school this morning and he was, get this, excited. Yeah, happy, excited and well, really looking forward to it. So I kept telling myself that he might start to worry once we got inside. No. Maybe he'd stress out when he had to meet the new teacher. No. Ok, he's all settled at the train table, maybe it's going to be a problems when I tell him it's time for me to go to work. No. No problems at all.

Guess I can start breathing again. No trauma, no stress and no tears! Ok, maybe there were a few tears, but those were mine.


Mrs. F said...

T minus 18 days until my baby starts kindergarten. I choke up just thinking about it...(which is weird, because I did not do this last year when Caleb started Kinder, but the girl is so much more attached) Anyway, I am hoping for the kind of smooth transition that you got to experience.

What a cutie!

Also? You guys totally parked the WRONG way!!! (Or my vision is effed up)

Kaza said...

SO glad it went well for you! (Um, besides your OWN tears, that is.)

I have no idea why I wasn't subscribed to your blog already, but I've just fixed that ridiculous oversight!

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