Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gadgets, where are my gadgets?

Something is going on in my universe. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not all hippy-dipppy "my chi is off balance" or "ouch, you're poking my third eye" but seriously, something is up.

First, the TiVo remote broke up with me. Bastard just packed up and left without so much as a "thanks for all of the gentle button pushes."
Then my work laptop decided it had been in my employ long enough, and abandoned me. Hard dive just gave in and after one reboot just left me staring at the grey apple screen and a spinning wheel.
And then, the deepest cut. My beloved iPhone bit the dust.
On top of all that, I could not find the digital camera. One day I knew where it was, the next, I didn't. I checked all of the usual hiding spaces. All of the "taller than a preschooler with a bad photo snapping, camera dropping addiction" nooks, and still, no camera.

I knew I had recently backed up the photos. Well, most of the photos. All of the photos except those taken on or after the day Mr. Dog joined the mutilated middle finger club. Still, I agonized that maybe I had missed some snaps of my darling babies doing darling baby things. It was brutal.

Today, I rushed home at lunch to tear apart the house in a frenzy looking for the phone. I had to find it. I don't know why it was all of a sudden sp pressing, but it was, and I am but a slave to my impetuous whims. So I tore, I stacked and unstacked, I look in drawers, cabinets, bookshelves, unused bags, purses, pockets and anywhere else it might hide. Then I broke down.

How was it that the TiVo remote and my camera could both just vanish? Maybe I had put it somewhere and forgotten. Maybe the housekeepers took it, or misplaced it. Maybe my own children had put it in the trash, they do seem to enjoy putting things in the trash, as long as it isn't actual trash. I melted down. I do that from time to time, and when I do, I like to have company, so I called Mr. Dog. I cried, I lamented my feeble mind. I whined about the possibility of lost photos and sobbed about not being able to capture the precious moments just lurking around the corner.

As he tends to do, Mr. Dog offered practical solutions and calm rational words. And as a weepy emotional woman does, I rejected every bit of his reasonableness. I was too far gone for that, what I wanted was for him to experience my trauma with me. Finally I ended the call and turned to go back to work. And as I did, I glimpsed the tiniest bit of wrist strap. Yep, the digital camera was right there on the entryway shelf. Right where we usually put it. Right where I had checked about a million times before. I guess it wasn't the camera I'd lost, just my sanity.

But the TiVo remote is still on the lamb. Joke's on him, we've already replaced him...with twins.


geekymummy said...

Your gadgets are deliberately toying with your mind and trying to drive you insane. Mine do this too. My house keys have also run away. Inanimate objects are taking over the world.

Princess New York said...

Okay you said you're not hippie-dippie and as a native New Yorker, there's a part of me that isn't as well. HOWEVER, as an Angeleno transplant (sigh) there IS a part of that is. So hear me out - it's spirits.

Plain and simple.

This happened to us recently too. Out here in La-la Land there is a belief that spirits communicate through electronics (it makes faux science sense to me). What might they be telling you?

Mrs. F said...

The Boogey Monster did it!

Nauntie Lush said...

How can I get my digital piece of crap camera that I paid a fortune for but is now less than a year later worth squat to disappear? Maybe you could "borrow" it and it would leave. I can lose underpants like no ones business - in my own washer mind you - but not anything else. What is up with that?

chihuahua5 said...

could mr. tivo be outside in the playarea....

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