Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ok, I've been kind of self indulgent in my little trip down wedding and anniversary memory lane (as though this entire blog isn't completely self indulgent). I'm sure you're thinking, "Enough about you, lady. We want more of the kids!" So in that spirit, I bring you some of the things I've been hearing around the Followthatdog household.

After discovering the new hiding place for marbles Little Dog had discovered, Mr. Dog: "He had them stuck in his cheeks! His yucky cheeks! Quit laughing, it's not funny!"

After meeting his nanny's friend's baby, Scarlett. Little Dog: "Mama, I saw baby garlic."

After I showed him I could make chocolate syrup and thus chocolate milk from scratch. Big Dog: "Mom, you're...incredible!"

While squeezing my face between his hands. Little Dog: "I'm going to smuuuush you like a bacon."

After Mr. Dog asked him whether he'd like eggs or oatmeal for breakfast as he prepared to make breakfast for the boys. Big Dog: "Whatever mama makes."


Mrs. F said...

I prefer my bacon smushed, too. Smart kid!

Nauntie Lush said...

I like my bacon crispy, not mushed. I also prefer whatever my Momma makes for breakfast...which if I waited for that I would be imaciated or dead because she is 300 miles away.

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