Sunday, October 5, 2008

Planting a seed.

My car is not a quiet place. Ever. Especially when the boys are strapped into their car seats. But the shrieking coming from Little Dog almost caused me to swerve into oncoming traffic!

"What's wrong?" I asked, frantic to figure out what had happened.
"There's a spiderweb!"
Wow, all that noise over a spiderweb, and he had now returned to calm child status.
"Where is the spiderweb?" expecting to hear that some misguided arachnid had built a home on the outside of the window.
"On my hip. It hurts. The web hurts!" he insisted, despite his I'm-yanking-mama's-chain tone of voice and sly smile.
"I don't think you have a spiderweb on your hip, I think you have an overactive imagination," I said calmly.
The shrieking resumed. Maybe something really was wrong. "What's wrong?" I asked again.
"I have an overactive imagination! It hurts!"


Unknown said...

Now THAT is funny. "I have an overactive imagination. It hurts" Kids are hilarious.

geekymummy said...

OK, he is just a kick! That cracked me up.

Kaza said...

That's priceless. How are you, anyway? I've been drowning in work, hence the distinct lack of commenting. I've given up on catching up and am just going to jump back in as I can!

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