Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm going to pass on the potatoes, thanks.

Little dog has been resisting having his diaper changed. He's a busy guy. He'll clearly have a poopy diaper and yet, when asked, he'll deny it. What's more, he'll make up other less direct situations when he is ready to request help.
Little dog: Mama, I have a potato in my diaper!
Me: A potato? I don't think so.
Little dog: Yeah, a potato in my diaper!
Me: Are you poopy?
Little dog: No, I got a potato.
Me: You have a potato in your diaper?
Little dog: No. Not a potato.
Me: Really? No potato?
Little dog: No, I think I have poop in my diaper.
Me: Now that I believe. Want me to change your diaper?
Little dog: Yeah, there's poop in there.
Me: I got that. Let me get a diaper.
Little dog: There's no potato, just poop. (as though making sure I wouldn't be disappointed)


Neil said...

I like the potato line. It is his first metaphor. He is going to become a poet!

Shannon said...

yeah, gonna avoid the home fries for breakfast this morning

Kaza said...

I love that he was worried you would be disappointed by the lack of potato in the diaper. An important clarification.

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