Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Open Letter to America

Dear Fellow Citizens,
First let me say, WOW, great work! I'm truly impressed by your commitment to getting out and voting. And voting with hope and passion, not just letting the politics of old keep on coming. I admit, when the states were called and Obama passed the 270 mark, I cried. Which was quite confusing to the boys. They can't seem to get their heads around the idea that I'm crying because I'm happy. Little Dog even said, "but that doesn't make any sense." And he's right.

For those that made this historic event possible, those Obama voters, organizers and believers, I hate to say it, but our work has just begun. Now that the ballots are counted, we need to make sure we can live up to the hype. And that isn't something we can just sit back and assume will happen on its own. Today I'm calling my representatives and senators and telling them I expect action and what's more I expect cooperation and inclusion. I am committing to be even more vocal in my political involvement and you can bet they'll be hearing from me if they're dicking around.

For those who feel that they lost yesterday, you didn't. Go ahead, take a few days and lick your wounds, feel grumpy and frustrated and then you need to get over it. The message of the Obama campaign was inclusion, and really, I think he means it. But that takes work from you too. Instead of encouraging your elected officials to become more entrenched and obstructive, why not call them and encourage them to play nice and make things work together. Not good enough? Well look around, the past 8 years have landed us here and from where I'm sitting, it kind of sucks for the majority of Americans. Even if you don't like Obama, do you think he could do worse? Be honest.

The future of our country is in our hands. We can make long lasting changes that will create opportunities for our children (and hopefully even their children). We can stop living in a world based on fear and threats, and start moving America back to being a global role model. As a citizen, a worker, a mother, and a woman I can't help but imagine what this can mean.

I'm excited, I'm anxious and I can't wait for January. And for the first time in quite a while I am truly proud to be an American. Way to go.


P.S. Wait, I still have a bone to pick with some of you. Prop 8, at this time appears to have passed. If you voted "yes" on institutionalizing your bigotry, you should be ashamed of yourself. Asshats.


SnappyShop.etsy said...

Very nice post. I cried too, like a baby. I'm so happy.

Green said...

I wanted to cry but my roommate was there. And then I decided that since I broke my toe last night and didn't cry I wasn't going to cry about some guy I never met becoming president. Which just goes to show my logic was in the toilet. But at least I wasn't an asshole. I voted no on prop 8.

Ilina said...

The whole prop 8 thing blows my mind. Why is this even an issue? Bigotry now has laws behind it. That's fucked up.

geekymummy said...

There was crying in our house too.

Now can he just move in tomorrow, please?

Kristen M. said...

Love the p.s. I wish I lived in CA so I could have cancelled out at least one of the votes of my asshat relatives. I just don't get it.

Misha said...

If you didn't get even a little teary while watching the live announcement last night--then you are a robot.

Unfortunately, It will be some time before unaware bigots will realize that the gay/straight issue is no different than the black/white and male/female issue...One step at a time.

But for now, I am so proud and hopeful.

Mrs. F said...

Tuesday was so bittersweet for me.

While I am thrilled for the changes Barack Obama can bring to our country, I am highly disappointed in my fellow Californians.

I honestly believe that all people have the right to their own personal happiness, and passing Prop 8 was not the way to accomplishing that.

I cried.

Mrs. F said...

Also? I am so happy I finally know your name. I was starting to make things up. {names, I was starting to make up names for you...}

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