Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The shit comes in threes right?

So you all know bout my crazy car repair bill, my stolen bike and trailer and you're probably wondering, "What now?"  Two words,  frozen pipes.  And seriously, if bad things are coming in bonus packs due to the shitty economy, I'm giving up.  Three is about my limit.

Up here in the frozen north, also known as Seattle, we're having a bit of hellishly cold weather.  Ok, if you're in the midwest or the north, or north east, or in the mountains, the southwest or pretty much any part of the country, you may not think my complaining about the miserable depths of the deep freeze I'm suffering may come across with the same level of severity as someone rushing to the ER for a paper cut.  Let me just explain one simple fact, I do not handle being cold very well.  Ok, I turn into short tempered shrew.  Mr. Dog may say that description does not adequately differentiate my day to day personality from my cold weather personality, but we're going to leave it at that so I can get on with the story.

Anyhow, back to the cold snap.  We're having freezing weather, even snow and a lot of ice.  I hate all of these things.  So Sunday, we have a bunch of snow and when we wake up Monday, I go to take my shower and, oh crap! no water.  Yep, our pipes froze.  I told Mr. Dog and let work know I'd be late.  In my world this is a late for work kind of experience.  Anyone who has had frozen pipes, go ahead and laugh your ass off. We'll wait.  Mr Dog ran to the hardware store and got heat tape, taped the pipes and headed off to work.  Since our nanny was having water related issues of a different nature, and I saw no improvement in the water situation after a couple of hours, I decided this was probably worse than I'd originally thought.   I let work know I'd be out all day.  

By the time Mr. Dog got home from work, the water had not yet returned.  Sure we'd had a couple of trickles of water, but nothing lasting.  So back under the house he went to further wrap the pipes.  He came upstairs for dinner at about 11 pm.  We generally agreed this was no fun.  And I made it even less fun by exhibiting my evil bitch persona because I was cold and had no idea when I'd be able to flush my toilet again.

As of this morning we still had no water, the shitty cold weather was continuing and I was getting really really cranky.  I managed to pull  it together enough to get ready to go to work and drop Big Dog off at school.  Imagine my surprise when I pulled up to Big Dog's preschool only to be told that there was a 2 hour late start due to the weather, and they weren't open yet.  So back home with Big Dog, then to the office.  I managed to have a one on one and completely vent (read this as meltdown) in front of another coworker before my phone rang.  It was Mr. Dog, he was heading home to work on the pipes.  Unfortunately he wasn't calling to tell me this bit of news, he was calling because his car wouldn't start and I needed to go pick him up.  Isn't that just the final piece of awesome for my day.

After he started work on the pipes, I set out to get more insulation for the pipes once they'd been thawed.  After hitting multiple hardware and home stores, I got a call.  "Hello?" I said, expecting to hear the melodic voice of my husband, and was rewarded with the sound of a toilet flush.  And I responded by screaming like a hormonal preteen at a Justin Timberlake concert. 

So we're back home tonight with flushing toilets, washing dishwashers and fully functioning faucets.  And I'm elated.  But so help me God, if there is one more shitty surprise lurking in my future, I just might hurt someone.


Maura said...

I think you get to borrow Kirsten/Norwindian's favorite word to describe your recent experience: Craptastic.

Sorry it's been rough, I hope the weather improves!

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is I hope you knocked on a really big piece of wood as you typed that. Murphy might be out to get you!

Sorry it's been sucky lately. No fun right before the holidays...or in cold weather...or really ever.

Anonymous said...

I am in Oregon so I am feeling you on this cold crap. My BFF is a TV reporter and she has had to be out in it and she thinks it sucks too! Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

Craptastic really seems to describe this situation.

I can't stand cold weather, which is half the reason why we ended up in Texas. So I am totally with you on the craptasticosity of this one.

Crossing my fingers for you that you have had your three bouts of bad luck. I think you deserve some peace now - and a lovely long, hot shower.

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