Monday, December 1, 2008

Snippets from our Thanksgiving weekend

• Thanks to Little Dog, I now know gummy bears easily adhere to a child's face making a most attractive alternative to a beard and sideburns. He later moved on to jelly beans and put them in his ears. No idea why he has taken to wearing his candy, he just has.

• While snacking on Pirate Booty, I passed out individual bowls, for my own perverse amusement I said, "Mmmm, Pirate Booty. Made from real pirate booties!" then said to Aunt Kathleen, "Watch out for the brown ones!" She laughed a little then Big Dog leaned over to her and said, "the brown ones are poop," to clue his aunt in. Then added "I've never seen a brown one."

• After eating a small taste of every pie last night, Little Dog plunged his finger into the pumpkin pie we were eating the next day. When he licked his finger, he gave me a puzzled look and asked "Is this dog food?" Guess pumpkin pie is an acquired taste.

• After discovering a stash of my childhood toys, Big Dog was showing an undressed Barbie dolls to Auntie Kathleen. "She's a very naked girl. I can see her bum," he said, then smiled deviously and added, "I like that!"

• My parents were dog sitting for a friend's dog, a black labradoodle named Josephine. For some reason this name was hard for Big Dog to remember. He took to calling her "the big hairy one". An apt description, but kind of a mouthful for a name.

• Big dog has shown a propensity to become addicted to video games. While Wii bowling it took true negotiating skills for Mr. Dog to be allowed a turn. He didn't even get to bowl 10 frames, after a few attempts Big Dog took the controller back to demonstrate proper form for a second time. Mr. Dog never regained control. We will not be getting a Wii anytime soon, I think Big Dog would do little else given half a chance.

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Marinka said...

Yes, pumpkin pie is dog food. For bad dogs that we don't like. Thanks for the laugh!

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