Monday, December 8, 2008

So long toddler bed.

Little Dog is not so little anymore.  In fact, he's grown so big that he was ready to move from toddler bed to twin bed.  He may be ready, but something in me may not be.  I say this because taking apart the toddler bed on Saturday was actually an emotional experience for me.  I think it is another of those milestones you don't see coming, then when it hits, you're left reeling a bit.  In my mind, Little Dog is my baby, my tiny little one, and yet, he's not.  As much as I call him a baby, he's really more of a little boy, I can't even honestly call him a toddler anymore.  He can run, climb and jump with the best of them, no toddling happening here anymore.

So yesterday I took down the toddler bed and moved the twin bed into it's place. When he saw the new bed, he was excited.  He has a bed like Big Dog's and he was over the moon.  Being big means a lot to him.  Probably about as much as him being little means to me, so his happiness about balanced out my weepy mommy-ness.

At least when I looked in on him last night, all tucked into his new big boy bed, he looked, well,  tiny. So much more room to grow, so many more years of being my little boy.

I don't remember feeling this way about Big Dog moving into his big boy bed.  Is it just me, or do the milestones of the second child, potentially the last child, hit you just a little harder because there is no one waiting in the wings to let you live it one more time?  Or maybe it is because he never fully embraced his toddler bed and his transition was more out of our bed into his own bed.  A transition that I could much more easily embrace!
Either way, this sadness caught me completely unprepared.  What milestones took you by surprise?  What ones are you looking forward to? 


Unknown said...

I only have one and from the looks of it he may be an only. So every milestone now is becoming bittersweet as I think "perhaps I should have done this whole marriage and baby think a long time ago" oh well.

I will chronicle our adventures and enjoy the beautiful baby I have.

geekymummy said...

wow, he must be really big now!
Little B is standing up, and cruising furniture and suddenly looks almost like a toddler and not a little baby. He's growing up way too fast.

katherynei said...

I think you really nailed it when you said potentially the last child. I am in that same situation and I have really noticed that with my youngest growing so rapidly I am desperate to hang onto him being small because I am nearly certain that my husband can't be swayed into doing it again. I take an enormous amount of pictures, but it's never as good as the real thing!

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