Monday, January 12, 2009

Bathtime snacks.

The boys have been obsessed with baths lately. Every night without fail they ask for a bath. And it is perhaps the longest bath in the history of small boys. They play for almost an hour. They take their super heroes and have water adventures, they spell out words with their bathtub letters. And then the splashing starts. Followed by the frustrated crying and howling for towels to wipe their barely dampened faces.

The other night, after over an hour of tub fun, Little Dog demanded to be taken out. We complied, but Big Dog wanted to keep on playing solo, and we complied with that request too. We were in the next room, and could hear his happy splashing. After a while, Mr. Dog called out, "You still doing ok in there?"
"Yep," said Big Dog.
"What are you doing?"
"Catching bad guys and feeding them to the baby," he replies happily.
What? Huh?
"Did you say catching bad guys and feeding them a baby?" he tried to clarify.
"That's right!"

So we let him be. No wonder he wanted to say in the tub. And no, we have no idea which baby is eating the bad guys.


Beth said...

I love the creativity of kids. My kids used to act out "When Babies Attack" (a spoof from Mad TV). Sounds like your son may be the next Lorne Michaels.


Anonymous said...

That's a hungry baby. Can we feed it some of my students?


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