Wednesday, January 7, 2009


When Little Dog had the flu, he announced his intention to vomit with a series of loud angry yells. He'd gag and choke for a moment and spew just a little bit of his stomach contents. You could tell the whole process pissed him off.

I can hear Mr. Dog vomit all the way down the hall. He sounds like he's being assaulted by the process, punched in the stomach as it empties. He coughs and sputters and sounds like he may not survive the process.

Big Dog just gets up and walks quickly and quietly to the bathroom. When he vomits, he completely empties his stomach. You can hear the gush hit the toilet water like a tidal wave. There is no production around the act, just the simple dumping of his food.

And me, how do I vomit? I'll keep you posted, because I think this queasy stomach is the beginnings of that same flu.


geekymummy said...

I"m reminded of a time I was woken by that delightful sound of Mr. Dog's emesis. And then found his prostrate body in our hallway!

Feel better!

mamikaze said...

you are so nasty!

Anonymous said...

Never really thought much about the different personalities with regards to emesis. I'm sorry we might get to learn your "personality".

Beth said...

I just want to thank you. Yes, Thank You! I was eyeing that last cinnamon roll over on the counter when suddenly my stomach felt funny.

Hope you all feel better soon.

Mrs. F said...

Thank you for the visual.

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