Sunday, January 18, 2009

A story of two trips.

So I'm getting prepared to travel again, and this time I'll be away two nights instead of one. The leadership development program I'm going to has changed the schedule this month and the session will be running an hour later than normal. Not a big deal, right? One hour shouldn't be too disruptive, just catch a later flight. Well, as it turns out the airline has canceled the later flight, so when I miss the flight I normally take home, I can either fly to San Francisco then catch a connection to Seattle (to the tune of about $700) or I can stay another night in Orange County and fly home the next morning. Yeah, option two is the way to go. Though frankly, I'd prefer to just head home, sleep in my own bed and be with my family the next morning.

To add to my anxiety and stress this time out, Mr. Dog's aunt in Chicago has been experiencing a rapid decline in health. Just recently it was discovered that he dementia has been progressing much more quickly than we knew and she was hospitalized for evaluation then placed in a nursing home. She didn't adjust well and ended up being transferred back to the hospital. Now she's suffering acute renal failure. Her future is unclear and since she has requested no life saving measures be taken, there is not much that can be done. To complicate matters she is not eating or drinking. She has also quit communicating, even with her best friend.

I only met this aunt a couple of times, but if either of the boys had been a girl, they would have been given her name. When I did meet her, she was lively and stubborn. She was also a compulsive hostess, if you were not eating or drinking she'd keep offering you food and drinks until you were.

Mr. Dog is going to try to fly out for what could be his farewell visit. If this conflicts with my trip, I'll cancel and stay with the boys. Family always comes first in my book. I just hope he is able to make it in time.


geekymummy said...

so sorry to hear about Mr. Dogs aunt. Thinking of you guys.

Beth said...

Flight schedules make me crazy! I hope that the auntie is doing better.

chihuahua5 said...

keep me posted and am thinking about you all.

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