Monday, February 23, 2009

Thoughts brought on by hot dogs.

Friday night's dinner was a bit of a cop out.  Hot dogs.  In buns and everything, but still, very low effort.  They were the healthy turkey, uncured organic kind, but still.  It isn't something I'm very proud of. So you may ask "why are you posting it on the internet?"  Because dinner tonight sparked a few odd conversations. 
First: The boys were eating their hot dogs slathered with katsup.  After a few moments, Big Dog says, "Mama, remember when poppa's finger got bloody?" as he gazed at his katsupy hot dog.
Nice that he makes that association.  I'm surprised he could even finish his dinner.
Later, after Little Dog polished off is first hot dog leaving the bun behind, he held out the bun and asked for a second. "I want 'nother one" he says.  So Mr. Dog, having two on his plate says "Here, take one of mine."  
"Poppa, thank you for let me borrow your hot dog," says Little Dog.  He looked at the other, now empty bun in his hand and says "I let you borrow mine."  So proud to be making a more or less even trade.
A few minutes pass and he reminds Mr. Dog that he let him borrow his hot dog.  The he holds out the hot dog in the bun and says "You can open it up," in his very serious little man voice.  "It's magical."

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