Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Small Wonder

The other morning we were sharing a little snuggle in the living room. Mr. Dog and I were sitting next to each other with Big Dog on Mr. Dog's lap. The boys were being all cute and lovey, the sun was shining, all seemed right with the world (at least in a really simple world where a hot cup of coffee can cure most of what ails you). I leaned over and gave Mr. Dog a kiss.
"Did you get married?" Big Dog asks.
"Yes, we've been married for a while now," answered Mr. Dog.
"Seven years. Longer than you've been alive."
"Seven?" asks Big Dog.
"Yep, seven years. We got married then a while later we made you," said Mr. Dog.
"I'm a robot?" replies Big Dog, immediately.
Um, no dear. If you were a robot, we'd have fixed the off switch for a 9:00 pm bed time a long time ago.

1 comment:

Christi Ciani said...

Seriously, Calvin and Hobbes came to mind on that one...

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