Sunday, April 5, 2009

Truer things have never been said.

For whatever reason we're watching Christmas movies in April. Ok, the reason is pretty simple. It you let a 5 year old pick the movies at Blockbuster, you are very likely to end up watching Christmas movies. This time we're watching Mickey Mouse Christmas stories, and it brings up the age old discussion of what the hell is Goofy.

Mr. Dog asked the question. "What is Goofy supposed to be? A moose?"
Seriously, he said that. I know, I know. (You can imagine me shaking my head at this now)
"No," says Big Dog, his voice full of authority on the matter, "He's a dog."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, Mr. Dog, Goofy is a dog." I piped in.
"Really? But Pluto's a dog too, why can't he talk?"
"And now we're reliving a scene from Stand by Me," I say, because I'm that kind of person.
"They said that? Really?" he says, pauses for a moment and continues, "Are you sure he's not a moose?"
"Yes, he's a dog. How could he be a moose? He doesn't have any antlers." I reply.
Then while he thinks that over I say to Little Dog who is snuggled up next to me, "Your poppa's confused."
He replies almost instantly, "No, my poppa's crazy."
And to be quite honest I'm not sure he was talking about just the current discussion. It sounded more like a general assessment.


Z said...

While the kids comments are apt, I like the "now we're reliving a movie" one - feel like that a lot myself sometimes :)

Beth said...

Crazy! We get silly assessments from my husband all the time. He cracks us up (and lets us laugh and point our fingers at him).

mamikaze said...

That scene from Stand by Me is replayed in our house all the time. Did you know Pete is a cat? Chew on that one.

Shannon said...

LD is brilliant!

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