Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Manual labor is not my thing

We're finally at the stage of the remodel where we can see a time in the future (without using some kind of long distance viewing device) when we will landscape our yard. Yes, the giant heaps of dirt are going to be leaving and we'll quit being the jug band family on the corner with a sink on our porch and construction bits strewn about the yard. Or at least this is what Mr. Dog is telling me.

And in typical Mr. Dog style, he's started making plans and sketches. He's doing research online, buying native plant books, showing me pictures of all kinds of trees and shrubs. He's great at this stuff, thorough and thoughtful. He's really into it. Me? Well, I have a confession. I don't really care. I mean, sure I want a nice yard. I want a place for the kids to play and a separate area where we can have a vegetable garden and yet another area where we can have the quiet sitting area for diners outside on those three or four days in Seattle where you see the sun. Yes, I want all of these things, just don't want to have to do anything for them to show up. I want Mr. Dog to do it then I'll head out and enjoy it. Sounds terrible, right?

But let's be honest, I am not a gardener. I have a pretty outstanding record of killing plants and I am completely unrepentant. I do not enjoy digging in the dirt, I do not enjoy tending to plants. I just want them to be there and look pretty as I walk from my car to the house, or as I sit in the garden with a cocktail. I think of gardening as an outdoor form of housekeeping. And if you know anything about me, you know that is not something I do for pleasure. Ever.

I tried to explain this to Mr. Dog today. He rejected it outright. Apparently I have to participate in this nonsense if I want a nice yard. Fine. But he'd better not expect enthusiasm, because that's just pushing it too far. Can you garden one handed? Because if I have to do this, I'd better have a drink.


Beth said...

Ooh! I love working in the garden. And I think there is a lot you can do one handed.

If you are serious about vegetables, look up how to make some earth boxes. We have a friend who made these and his vegetables are kicking ass. You only have to water them once a week.

Good luck with the yard stuff. It'll be worthwhile once it is finished.

followthatdog said...

I put in raised beds, planted the veggies and have more or less washed my hands of it, but I'm sure I'll love the veggies when they're ready. I'm not good at the waiting part.

geekymummy said...

Not wanting to rub it in at all, but having our yard landscaped and maintained rocks. Wish we did it years ago. I would highly recommend at least getting someone to do a monthly maintenance once it is done. I love that we have this beautiful oasis of a yard that we can just enjoy. And I even like gardening, when I have the time.

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