Monday, June 15, 2009

Swimming in science

I am not sciency. Mr. Dog is. The kids? Well, I think we're both kind of hoping they'll lean to our own personal direction. I'd love for the kids to be artsy, Mr. Dog would love for them to be sciency. We'll just have to wait and see if our own preferences have any influence as the kids get older. I say this now because currently Mr. Dog seems to be winning. Then again, it isn't like he's really playing fair. Telling kids you get to play with robots at work sounds much cooler than "I get to help make the software that makes TV!" I mean, my job is way cooler, but explaining what I do to a child is difficult. For example, how do I explain software to a kid? Say I manage to do that, how do I explain how what I do helps make TV? Starting to see my point?

Mr. Dog on the other hand seems to have his own set of co-conspirators. Take Sid the Science Kid for example. The kids love it and why wouldn't they? It's a cartoon, it's funny and they make science seem like a lot of fun. A lot of people want kids to be better in science so the tools are there to help make it attractive to shorties. And then we have our friends getting in on the act. Like Nicole. She used to work in a lab in San Francisco with Mr. Dog and Auntie Maria. She's still a good friend of ours and she came to visit this week while interviewing for a job in Seattle. She brought with her science kits for the kids. How is this fair?

Naturally the kids dove into the experiments with relish. They have only done a couple and every time we walk into the house they start asking to do more science. Little Dog exclaimed last night "I'm a scientist!" with a huge smile and a ton of pride. As long as they're having fun, I'm ok with it. So while Mr. Dog chased after the boys asking "Do you have your transfer pipette?" I got to sit back and giggle. At any rate, I know in the long run I'll win. When they come visit me at work, they always get brownies from the cafeteria. Top that, Mr. Dog!

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geekymummy said...

So glad to hear that your kids are having fun with science!

I'm sure they will have fun with digital media too when they get a bit older.

And I must ask Nicole where she got those science kits!

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