Monday, July 13, 2009


Friday as I was getting ready to leave work, I called home. I wanted to check with Mr. Dog to see if we were taking the boys to family swim. Why not? It's hot out and the Friday night session was pretty empty last week. The boys get to burn off some energy, I get to swim and we all get to have some good family time that doesn't involve our living room. We agreed we'd go after dinner. So after seared tuna steaks and coleslaw, we readied the kids and set out for the gym. No, we didn't plunge into the pool with a full stomach. While we didn't probably wait the full hour, getting the kids out of the house in any coordinated manner takes plenty of time.

A bit later we were all in the pool, splashing and swimming. I was playing dolphin with Big Dog. This game involves me launching off the side of the pool into a backstroke with Big Dog hanging around my neck. Last time we swam this entertained the boy for almost 90 minutes and it added a bit of exertion to an otherwise mellow trip to the pool. And it was fun right up until I had that weird popping explosion of pain in my left knee. Yeah, real fun.

I'll spare you the description of the hopping from the pool into the dressing room on wet floors. Wet slippery floors. I'll spare you the ordeal of changing out of a wet clingy swim suit single footed and I'll even spare you the details of how my house, filled with clutter, seems to be out to get me. What I will tell you is that yesterday I spent the morning in the ER. I got x-rays, I got a brace. I even got a prescription for pain pills and a pair of crutches. I got after care instructions to stay off my feet, keep the knee elevated and iced and load up on Advil. I also got the advice to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon on Monday just to make sure this is the kind of knee sprain that will heal up without surgery (and holy crap do I ever hope that's the case).

So the reset of the weekend I've spent laying in bed, knee elevated, hoping to all the magical knee healing powers in the world, that I'll be recovered enough by Friday to take our long planned family vacation. Because if this knee injury prevents me from taking our first family vacation in ages, I'll be one pissed off invalid.


abi said...

Knee injuries suck. I blew my right one out when my son was 6 months old... total nightmare for my poor husband who had to deal with cranky baby, cranky mom and filthy house. I hope you are feeling better and able to enjoy your vacation.

AnnetteK said...

Ouch is right! I hope you heal quick.

Beth said...

I feel so awful that you hurt your knee so badly! Take care of yourself. Better yet, let the dogs take care of you.

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