Thursday, July 30, 2009

Undeniable truth

A few weeks ago Aunt Kathleen came to visit. At the time, I was laid up recovering from knee surgery. This means I was mostly confined to my bed. It is a little weird to host guests in your bedroom, well, for me it is. I'm sure there are some people out there who do it all the time. I don't, at any rate.  Occasionally the boys would join us on the king size bed and I'd amuse them by letting them watch DVDs. One of their favorites is the Super Friends series. Yes, that one, from when I was a kid. It's an odd show. They fight evil and in between shows instruct you on craft projects or how to call for emergency help. No matter, the kids love it. Especially Little Dog.

So as we were all hanging out, Aunt Kathleen puts her fist up and says "Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!" expecting her younger nephew to be all into it. He looks at her like she's nuts.
"I don't change into anything," he says. And if I'd been able to see his face from where I was sitting, I'd bet he even rolled his eyes.

Aunt Kathleen persisted, chiding him into a Wonder Twin moment (oddly enough, this looks a lot like a "terrorist fist bump". Might the Obamas actually be the Wonder Twins?). So they give it a try. "Wonder Twin Powers, Activate" and bump fists.
"See," says Little Dog, his voice full of condescension, "I don't change into anything." Snarky little three year old I'm raising, isn't he?

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Anonymous said...

He actually instigated the second fist bump but I think it was just to show me how dumb I am.


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