Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedded bliss

This weekend for some reason I was craving deviled eggs. I don't make them often, and I honestly don't think the boys have ever eaten them. But they like eggs, and I didn't feel like cooking a big meal, so I decided to make a tray of deviled eggs. They were an instant hit.

Big Dog oohed and ahhhed over them extensively. Based on the fact they contain mustard, he has reconsidered his anti-mustard stance and now claims to love it. He also loves the deviled eggs. So much so that after eating one or two, he got the michevious glint in his eye and says in his corny, I'm-going-for-a-laugh voice, "Big Dog loves deviled eggs. Big Dog wants to marry one." Then he kissed the egg he had in his hand and says "And now I'm going to eat you."

The "I'm going to marry one" gag ran for most the evening and onto the next day when I made another batch of deviled eggs at the incessant requests of the boys. He began in with the "I want to marry one" ploy again and Aunt Kathleen mentioned that he might not want marry them because he would be in for a series of very short marriages. Big Dog took this in and smiled. He kissed his egg, told it he wanted to marry it, then popped it in his mouth. After chewing and swallowing he turned to Aunt Kathleen and says, "I'm ready for another short marriage," as he reached for his next egg.

Not to be left out of the act, Little Dog also went about "marrying" is food. While he was enamored of the eggs and frequently chatted them up with the intent to marry them, true to form his deepest love was saved for the chocolate chip cookies. As he walked up the hall from the kitchen to the dining room, he cradled his still warm cookie against his cheek and whispered in his raspy little boy voice, "I love you cookie. You are so warm and yummy. I want to marry you."

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Kaza said...

This is SO cute. And is making me crave deviled eggs...

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