Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Giving me the finger

Big Dog has recently developed an infatuation with giving things a big thumbs up.  Ask him how he's doing, thumbs up.  Ask him if his dinner is good, thumbs up.  Ask him if he's finished with his coloring, thumbs up. Sometimes it comes without prompting. He'll just be sitting there and decide it seems like a time for a thumbs up.

So as with all things his big brother does in our house, Little Dog has taken a liking to it as well.  But he's missing a key part of the gesture.  Tonight after dinner, when Little Dog and Big Dog were heading outside to play in the sandbox Big Dog flashed his thumbs up.  Little Dog copied him, but instead flashed an index finger.  In a very sweet and big brotherly way, Big Dog says, "No, not that finger. Your thumb.  Like this," and he demonstrated the gesture again.  Little Dog inspected it, and once again pointed his index finger.  A couple more attempts with sibling coaching, and he finally got it right.  When his big brother praised him, his face lit up with pride. And I give that a big thumbs up.

1 comment:

geekymummy said...

cute! I wonder which of them will be the first to discover the other kind of gesture you can make with your finger?!

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