Monday, August 10, 2009

Where did that come from?

So today I was running errands with the boys. We had just finished up Trader Joe's and were heading to our local market for some produce. As we were driving along, Big Dog asks, "Mommy, would you be happier if your boss lived with us?"
Um, what?
"Your boss. Steve. Do you want him to live with us?"
Now I like my boss. Like him a lot actually. But no, I don't want him to live with us.
"No sweetie, I don't want him to live with us. I like when I see him, but I don't need to see him as much as I see you and Little Dog and Papa," I answered.
I'm not sure where this came from, but as I thought about it I realized I'd had a really good talk with my boss on Friday. I had talked to Mr. Dog about it afterwards when I got home. And yes, I probably did say I really liked my boss.
"Just because you like someone, you don't necessarily want them to live with you," I offered.
"Ok," says Big Dog.
He was quiet for a few minutes then piped up one more time. "Are you sure?"
Pretty sure. But no, I'm not really sure why he's trying to adopt my boss.


geekymummy said...

I wonder if it is some kind of little kid logic; he thinks that you like to go to work to be with your boss, so figures that if your boss moved in, you wouldn't have to go to work and would be around all the time!

Heather Solos said...

I totally understand. My kids are always inviting people to come to our house and play. "We have a swingset you can use!" This usually gets a chuckle from the grandmotherly person they are currently pestering.

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