Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Morning Checklist

Wake up [✔]
Make coffee [✔]
Quickly use bathroom before boys wake up [✔]
Pack Big Dog's lunch [✔]
Wake boys [✔]
Go through major production of boys putting on shoes and coats to let chickens out [✔]
Let chickens out [✔]
Go through major production of getting boys back in the house [✔]
Wonder aloud why they are trying to kill me [✔]
Pass off boys to Mr. Dog so I can shower [✔]
Shower [✔]
Find suitable work clothes [✔]
Get dressed [✔]
Make breakfasts [✔]
Repeatedly remind boys they need to eat now or they'll be hungry when they get to school [✔]
Clear table of half eaten breakfasts [✔]
Select outfits for boys [✔]
Encourage boys to get dressed [✔]
Select another outfit for Little Dog after he rejects initial outfit because it is not a Batman shirt [✔]
Wonder aloud why I didn't just dress him in Batman shirts year round [✔]
Find backpacks [✔]
Find jackets [✔]
Find shoes [✔]
Put on backpacks [✔]
Put on jackets [✔]
Ask boys to put on shoes [✔]
Plead with boys to put on shoes [✔]
Threaten to leave boys at home if shoe are not put on immediately [✔]
Put on shoes [✔]
Find purse [✔]
Find computer bag [✔]
Find keys [✔]
Rush to the car [✔]
Drop boys at appropriate schools [✔]
Get to the office [✔]
Check that I have:
My security badge [✔]
My computer bag [✔]
My purse [✔]
My cell phone [✔]
My sanity- oh crap!


Green said...

Dunno if it would help or not, but some of these might be able to be done at night. Specifically making lunch for the next day, getting one of those alarm coffee makers so it automatically starts brewing coffee at 7 or whatever time you program it for, setting out backpacks and jackets (and shoes) near the door, and setting out clothes (both for you and the boys) for the next day.

followthatdog said...

Sometimes I manage to get things done the night before, but usually I am just too disorganized. What I really want is a staff to do this shit for me and wake me when it's all done. Is that too much to ask?

Beth said...

I'm tired after just reading the list.

Like Green said, I am anal about getting ready for work the night before. It is the thing that keeps me sane. That and the boys can pick out their own clothes now.

geekymummy said...

Hmm, What is Mr Dog doing while you are running around like a headless chicken? (sorry chickens!) He could take over lunches or breakfasts, maybe?

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