Friday, September 4, 2009

Soul Crushing Disappointment aka my relationship with the Seattle Public Schools

On Monday I emailed several people in the Seattle Public School district about the Pay to K program. If you haven't been following this, feel free to catch up here.
Today I received another email from the Educational Director associated with my son's school. I had been hopeful because she took time to reply and cc other involved parties within hours of my inquiry. I should have known better. Today I received a follow up. Today she says that she has not found any new information on the program, the costs are set site by site and that I should let parents know they can speak with the principal if they need financial assistance. Really? I guess she completely missed the point of my initial email. The principal shouldn't be saddled with the responsibility of deciding who has to pay and who doesn't and the price flat out should not vary from site to site. What is so hard to understand about that? Parents should pay the same for full day kindergarten at any school. It should be set by the School District to cover the averaged costs for full day kindergarten.
I'm guessing the problem isn't that she doesn't understand, but rather that she doesn't care. Why solve an inequity in the system if it requires extra work? Maybe she thinks that as long as people aren't rioting in the streets, it's easier to let it ride. Fairness be damned.
That's just great. I'd be ashamed of myself.
Luckily I'm not one of those who will just give up. Next stop the State Superintendent of Public Instruction...I'll keep you posted.


katherynei said...

Did you contact the media yet? It's amazing what a little publicity will do. There must be something like "Get Jesse!" for education. Good luck this time around!

Draft Queen said...

Good for you to keep this going! Raise a ruckus!

geekymummy said...

I second a little media involvement, a sharp little article for a local paper, who knows who might pick it up. Maybe start a new blog about school issues. I've co me across some fir sfusd. Keep fighting!

mamamilkers said...

I applaud your hard work!

Unfortunately, the SPS system is messed up in so many more ways than this. It seriously needs to be fixed, for sure, but I am willing to be that this complaint is just being thrown on to the (very large) pile.

I'm glad you're doing it. Are you talking to other families at the school about it?

I'll be right there with you when my second starts K in two years!

mamamilkers said...

ps do you read this blog?

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