Thursday, October 8, 2009

O the memories (Trader Joe's Os that is)

This morning the boys had their breakfast of Trader Joe's Os at the dining table with their dad. As they munched away I had one of those flashback kind of memories from when Big Dog was a toddler. Back before Little Dog was born, back before we moved to Seattle, back before we were old hands at this parenting thing.
When Big Dog was just over a year old he was a pretty good eater. One thing he especially liked was a nice bowl of Os. But not just any Os. His father's Os. As soon as Mr. Dog would pour himself a bowl, Big Dog would drop whatever he was doing and speed waddle off to the kitchen to grab himself a spoon. Then he'd climb up on Mr. Dog's lap and help him eat his snack. The thought of it still makes me smile.
Now this diapered baby of my memories is a tall and strong boy. He doesn't waddle when he runs. He doesn't need help finding a spoon in the drawer. He sits in his own chair and confidently feed himself. And yet, even nearly 5 years later, he will still swipe your snack in a heartbeat. As much as things change, some thing stay the same.


Beth said...

My husband still swipes my snacks. Apparently, some never out grow that nasty habit.

chihuahua5 said...

i always loved that Big Dog would at least say "share" and look at you with his big "bambi eyes".... then proceed to swipe your snack!

that kid knows his manners and how to charm people outta their snacks :)

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