Monday, October 26, 2009


Big Dog is on the floor, hands down, legs straight, bum in the air. "Guess what this, mama!"
"Downward dog!" I say, recognizing my favorite yoga pose in his smaller form. PE has changed a bit since I was in school. Gone are the days of dodgeball and square dancing and a new era of yoga and aerobic Hippity-Hopping has been ushered in. Big Dog loves the yoga and especially loves this guessing game we play as he learns new poses.
Not to be left out, Little Dog begins jumping up and down. "Guess what this is, mama!" he squeals.
"Um, bouncing?" I guess.
"Yes!" he shouts, excited to be a part of our quiz show.
Now Big Dog is on his stomach, arms straight, head thrown back, back arched. "Guess what this is, mama!"
"Upward dog!" I guess.
"No, cobra," he says, disappointed in my lack of expertise.
Little Dog now has the clothes hamper over his head. His ankles and feet are all that can be seen below the edge of the deep plastic bin. "Guess what this is, mama!" he insists.
"Um, hamper?" I guess.
"No! It's zombie clothes basket!" he shouts, lurching forward.
And I dissolve into laughter. I guess I never learned that pose.


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling a little bit like zombie clothes basket today. Love it.


Unknown said...

Zombie Clothes basket - does it come with zombies that will actually fold the clean laundry? LOL

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