Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Budding conversationalist

After a day like yesterday, a good playdate is like a sign from above that I can do this. I am not a failure and my children are not demon spawn. Yes, that's a lot to get out of a good playdate, but sometimes you take it where you can get it.
Today's playdate went really well. There were a few rough moments, but we navigated through them. Little Dog, despite his occasional need to shove people, tried to be a good sport and make friends.
Shortly after meeting his brother's friend's little brother who is roughly his own age, Little Dog tried to strike up a conversation. Drawing from tried and true methods of breaking the ice, he tried to find some common ground. And it went a little bit like this:
Little Dog: "So, you have a sister?"
Leo: "Yes"
Little Dog: "Really? That's crazy! I have a brother!"
Feigned enthusiasm and all. Nice work little man.

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Green said...

That's so cute. My friend's daughter had to meet a ton of people the summer she was 3.5 and her dad told me she had a GREAT opening line. She'd march up to people and say, "Hi, I'm three and a half!" and after that, it was up to them to carry the conversation. Kids are brilliant sometimes.

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