Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dashiell Update

It has been brought to my attention that I left you all hanging on the Dashiell front. He is doing fine. I picked him up from the emergency vet on Friday and he's been happily camped out in front of the fire since. He's medicated for pain and to keep him more sedate than usual so he doesn't injure himself, but he's more or less himself. I have not yet had to put him in the "cone of shame", but his interest in his, um, surgical site has increased today so he might have to wear it when I head off to work tomorrow morning. We'll wait and see.
The emergency vet is confident that the problem was a bad reaction to the anesthesia and in future we'll have to make sure we communicate this before he has any other surgery. There are other options, so this shouldn't be a huge problem, just something we need to make sure they know about. I was thrilled to know it wasn't a genetic clotting disorder, one of the scary things on the list of possibilities. Turns out his blood clots just fine.
We'll keep him kind of drugged up for a few days, and Mr. Dog has to check the incision every day to make sure it isn't seeping or infected. The drugs make him kind of sluggish and lazy. They also make him a bit less coordinated than usual, so he kind of staggers around a bit more than normal. It is a little bit amusing actually. Other than that, he's more or less back to full speed, but a bit lighter and less pornographic looking when you see him from behind.

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