Friday, December 18, 2009

Practice makes perfect

"I love you," coos Little Dog. "But also, I hate you!" he adds quickly.
Then I hear it replay. He's discovered the voice memo function on my iPhone and it enthralls him completely. He listens, adjusts and tries again.

I love you- softer, gentler
But also I hate you- more emphasis on hate, you as more of a hiss


I love you- sing-songy, sweet, happy sounding
But also, I hate you- brief pause after also, more bile in I hate you


I love you- almost giggled
But also I hate you- louder and rushed


I love you- cooing again
But also I hate you- also cooed sweetly


It's as though my little boy is already practicing for when he starts dating. He's got it down. It reminds me of the boys I used to adore. Sigh. I'm going to have to fix this.


Andrew said...
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Anonymous said...

What happened to kids with flowers? It's a sad day when iPhones have taken over. ;)

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