Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The most relaxing cheese

Dinner can run a bit late in our house. I work all day and when I get home I try to get started right away, but that's 6:30 at the earliest and we usually don't eat until 7:30 or 8:00pm. If the boys are hungry, they get cranky. Just like their dad. So we have snacks. Tonight when the boys got home from school they were already cranky so out came the oranges, apples, cheerios with bananas, nuts and blueberries. See, I knew this dinner would be especially late. It involved cooking beans I had soaked overnight. Not a quick meal in any sense. So as Mr. Dog was preparing the boys to go upstairs I suggested they also have some cheese.
They had some magic cheese, and because I was a bit peckish, I decided to open the package of sliced cheese I bought at Trader Joe's last night. As I was eating a slice, Little Dog spied it and asked for a piece of his own. He took one bite and asked, "What is this, mama?"
"It's Asiago." I told him.
" Mmm, Massage-ee-o. "
I know someday he'll quit making these adorable mistakes, but man I hope it doesn't happen too soon.

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