Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Highlights

Sunday was the Super Bowl and we shared that experience with some good friends, good food and a few drinks. While the boys mostly played nicely with our friend's son, there were brief periods where Little Dog would need to come downstairs and kick back with the adults while some, um, rough spots were smoothed over. During one of these intermissions, Little Dog witnessed his first Super Bowl ad, and it just happened to be this one:

He watched intently in absolute silence. When the ad ended, he paused then said what we were all thinking. "What the...?"
So perfectly summed up. What the, indeed.

Another nice win with our Super Bowl adventure was the long awaited good comeback for name calling. See Little Dog has some issues with being called a baby at school. He also generally dislikes being teased. Not so unusual, right? We've been trying to work on walking away instead of getting angry, but somehow that hasn't been working so well for my little man. Like his mommy, he loves to have the last word, and like his papa, his instinct is to punch them in the stomach. (For the record, Mr. Dog has that impulse well under control. But as he tells it, he had quite the fists of fury as a child.) Well tonight, when Big Dog and their buddy decided it was hilarious to tell Little Dog he had a diaper on his head he started to get angry. I had to intervene.
"Little Dog, do you have a diaper on your head?" I asked, to point out the ridiculousness of the statement.
"No," he replied, still fairly frustrated.
"Then they're wrong. Ignore it."
"But they keep saying it!" he insisted.
"Yes, but if it isn't true, it isn't you who has the problem. If they keep telling you something that you know isn't true, well, there's a word to describe them. Delusional. In fact, you can just tell them that. Go ahead, tell them, 'You're delusional.'" I urged.
And it took off like wildfire. Soon all of the boys were using their new vocabulary word, and the name calling more or less stopped. Well, apart from the "delusional" name. But that's not obscene or widely offensive, so I consider it a win. See, sometimes I'm pretty good at this mommy gig.

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geekymummy said...

We have the same issue with the fists. Or the nails. At least the teeth are no longer used as weapons though. It is so tough helping them deal with anger.

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